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About Inspection Systems, Inc.

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High Speed Barcode Inspection & Verification

Inspection Systems, Inc. (ISI) specializes in the design and manufacture of high speed barcode inspection and verification equipment. Incorporated 1990, ISI is
now a leader in the barcode verification/inspection industry as the only company devoted to high speed barcode inspection and data matching systems.


The company serves customers throughout the United States, and in today’s global economy our business touches companies around the world who rely on barcodes to communicate a variety of data in a universal language.



History and Capabilities

The business started with the development and introduction of the Compliance-Pro™ High Speed Verifier (HSV) to meet IS0 15416 (ANSI X.3) inspection methodology and ISO 15426 Barcode Verifier Conformance requirements.  Systems were created both for simple high speed barcode verification/inspection (HSV Inspect,) and for barcode inspection with reporting capabilities (HSV Report).

Next, ISI added Data Management capabilities, which manage random or sequential number control in a print or production environment.

More recently, ISI added Compliance Pro™  Data Match systems to accurately read and match data in barcode sequences, as well as the Compliance Pro™ Thermal Transfer system which verifies the quality of barcodes produced on thermal transfer printers. Custom-designed inspection products can also be created to meet your specific requirements.


Our Clients

Inspection Systems, Inc. serves the barcode inspection and verification needs of a wide range of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Printers, packager and shipping companies all make use of these online products. 

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.