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Compliance Pro™ HSV Inspect

The Compliance-Pro™ HSV Inspect is an inline full ISO 15416/ANSI X.3 high speed barcode verifier (linear symbologies). This tool provides a barcode inspection solution that is close to the price of a handheld verifier but still offers full 100% inline barcode verification.

This product inspects the barcode but does not offer barcode analysis to determine the cause of the ISO/ANSI results.

If barcode quality falls below user-defined levels, the Compliance-Pro™ H.S.V. can then generate a warning light.

Features Parameters Symbologies

• Auto-discrimination between symbologies
• 600 scan per second scan head
• Two operation modes: Free scan and Sync pulse
• RS-232 programming port

• Global Threshold (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Reference Decode (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Decodability (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Modulation (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Defects (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Edge Contrast (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Rmin/Rmax (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Symbol Contrast (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Overall Symbol Grade (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Modulo Check Digits (mandatory symbology and optional application parameters)
• PCS (Traditional method parameter)
• Reflectance – Light (Traditional method parameter)
• Reflectance – Dark (Traditional method parameter)
• Ratio (Traditional method parameter)
• Average Bar Deviation (Traditional method parameter)
• Minimum Bar Deviation (Traditional method parameter)
• Maximum Bar Deviation (Traditional method parameter)
• Quiet Zone (Traditional method parameter)
• X Dimension (Traditional method parameter)
• Bar Code Direction (scanner decoder function)
• Symbology Type (scanner decoder function)
• % Decode (multiple scanning parameter)
• Encoded Data (scanner decoder function)

• GTIN 12 A&E, GTIN 8, GTIN 13 including 2 and 5 digit supplemental codes
• Generic (ANSI Traditional) Interleaved 2 of 5 plus GTIN 14 (I 2/5) Shipping Container Symbol
• Generic (ANSI Traditional) Code 39 plus mod 43 check character; AIAG, LOGMARS, and HIBC formats
• Generic (ANSI Traditional) Code 128; GTIN 14 (GS1 128) Shipping Container Symbol